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Client Testimonials

Below, please find some of the testimonials of our clients, which we post upon receipt.  To all of our clients we appreciate your business, commentary, and compliments.   All are welcome to submit remarks to our email address  Thank You. 

1.)   AZ Celebrity DJ, LLC


San Tan Tax is a very smart investment for any business to hire. They have saved us so much time and money and have been very professional the entire time. We have had them start with our LLC and go through past taxes and also do some bookkeeping for us so we stay organized and ahead of the game !  We would recommend them to anyone looking for an overall service to get them in order as far as their taxes and business records go.

Queen, Creek, AZ

2.)   Sarah Brevoort,  Laguna Woods,  Calif.
"Nearly 12 years ago, I became acquainted with Richard LaPorta who has monitored and counseled me with what I consider expert professional knowledge of "finance and taxes".  At that time, Rich developed various customized computer-generated financial profiles and cash flow projections and channeled me to appropriate investment choices for my portfolio of retirement assets that would be in my best interest and serve to provide a targeted level of passive income and cash flow over a given timeframe while minimizing overall tax impact.   With his constant review and guidance, he has helped direct me in the many aspects of money management, accounting and dependable tax service.  Rich LaPorta is honest, reliable and possesses a depth of integrity.  Over the years of this relationship, I truly consider him as one of my best friends.    

3.)   John L. Palmer, Esq.  / Foothills Music Chandler, LLC & Northwest Academy Las Vegas, LLC 

I am an attorney in California and I am also a part owner of a music studio in Phoenix & Las Vegas.  I have been very happy with the accounting services of Rich LaPorta of San Tan Tax, Accounting & Business Consulting Group, LLC.  Rich handles all of the company’s tax and accounting needs, including managing accounts payable, coordinating the administration of payroll, and remitting the company’s taxes.  

Rich has extensive experience in all aspects of business and I have found him to be particularly knowledgeable in the areas of  income tax and business valuation.  He also provides prompt service with both his answers to questions and his work product.  I am pleased to give Rich my highest recommendation.

4.)  Albert J. Klausman / Walnut Estates, LLC / Valley Health Care Center, Inc.   

"My  former public Accountant, whom I had used for 40 years, was omitting important items from my tax forms. I had owned and operated several businesses and each one had to be correct to meet the IRS requirements. I continually had to approach him on this problem."  

Approximately nine years ago in CA, I was introduced to Richard E. LaPorta who is most qualified Tax Professional.  At that time, I transferred my business portfolio over to him.  During this period of time, I have conferred with him on all tax reporting and many other business situations.  I value Rich's outstanding professional expertise and his friendship.         

A. J. Klausman